All I want for Christmas...

Shiona Crichton - Moneyline CEO

21st December 2023

Christmas, the time of year which some of us love and some hate. Personally, I love the lights, tinsel and my Christmas tree where nothing matches but every decoration tells a story! In my build up to Christmas I have been thinking about what Moneyline’s Wishlist is this Christmas, achievable things that if you are reading this you may be able to help with.

Moneyline exists to offer loans to the lowest income households, excluded from mainstream financial services. Overtime our hope is that we can help our customers improve their financial resilience, help them be more digitally engaged and move them to lower cost products. So how can you help us do this?

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We need Credit Reference Agencies to change their scoring so they don’t penalise customers for taking out loans with APR over 100% from not-for-profit lenders. We want to help more customers move to lower cost products, whether it be another product with us, with a Credit Union or with another lender. A key barrier to achieving this is that a customer’s credit score can be negatively impacted by having a loan with us. Why? Because our APR is over 100% and taking out loans with an APR over 100% is seen as a negative score with some credit reference agencies, even if the customer has made every payment on time!

My blogs earlier this year went into detail about why a small, short-term loan will have an APR of over 100% and this is the product our customers need – please stop penalising them for taking a product that fits their needs. Instead, use this credit information to help them improve their credit score and get access to lower cost credit in the future.

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We want to work closer with housing associations and other organisations which our customers use. Often, by the time customers apply to Moneyline, we already see signs of financial distress. That is why we cant offer a loan to more of the people that apply and have to decline a high proportion and signpost them to other to other support services. If more people know that Moneyline is an option for them earlier, then hopefully we can be part of their financial solution before they get into financial distress, reducing the number we have to decline. To raise awareness we need the organisations that our customers use to help spread the word about Moneyline. Credit can be part of the financial solution for customers, especially when they need to spread the costs of larger purchases.

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We want sponsorship to grow our customer care team, increasing the number of customers we can help who are digitally excluded. My last Christmas wish is to be able to help more customers access our loans and services that are not comfortable to use a digital process. We have lots of potential customers who have digital access but are digitally shy, not trusting or having the confidence to do things digitally. We have a customer care team that help and support customers digitally and I would love to grow this team, being able to help more customers that may go to an illegal money lender as its just easier than facing digital processes. Customers who are digitally shy have ever reducing options and we want customers to not only be able to use our digital process, but to increase their overall digital confidence so they can access other products and services they currently feel excluded from.

Please have a think if you or your organisation can help Moneyline with its Christmas Wishes and get in touch if you can.



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