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We are a social lender, focussed on providing affordable credit to low-income households that are excluded from mainstream credit. For many low income households, often their only other choice for access to small loans is going to illegal money lenders.

As a not for profit organisation we only charge what we need to cover the cost of delivering our products and ensure we can continue to provide access to responsible credit for our customers. 

Read through our thoughts and insights about our take on affordable credit. 

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Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion Shiona Crichton – Moneyline CEO 14th April 2023 What should Financial Inclusion look like in 2023?  Recently I have begun to see the words ‘financial inclusion’ used more...

Early Intervention

Credit as part of the solution Shiona Crichton – Moneyline CEO 24th March 2023 Let’s talk more about credit and at the right time  If I go back 8-10 years many of our customers found...

Small cash loans – a thing of the past?

Small cash loans – a thing of the past? Shiona Crichton – Moneyline CEO 17th March 2023 When supply doesn’t meet demand  Low income households don’t usually have access to savings, credit...

Addressing the elephant in the room – APR (Annual Percentage Rate)

APR – The Elephant in the room Shiona Crichton – Moneyline CEO 9th March 2023 Borrow £100 over 48 months and repay £2.70 a month, Cost of loan is £30 = 14% APR Borrow £100 over 6...

Are we having the right conversation about affordable credit for 2023?

Are we having the right conversations? Shiona Crichton – Moneyline CEO 3rd March 2023 In the first of a new weekly series, our CEO Shiona Crichton, asks if we are having the right conversations...
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