Ways to save money in the New Year

Your New Years resolution may be to join the gym, start eating healthier or take up that hobby you’ve always wanted to give a go. But for many, it will be putting a little extra money aside each month so you can take that holiday, buy that car, decorate your home or simply save for a rainy day. Here are a few tips to help you save money in the New Year.

Save money in the New Year by changing your bank

Switching is often quick and easy to do and many banks will offer you a cash incentive to switch to having an account with them instead of your current bank. By simply changing to a new bank you could receive up to £250!

It is worth shopping around to see which bank will offer you the best deal as many accounts will require you to meet certain requirements, such as paying in a certain amount each month. 

And your energy supplier

This is even easier than switching your bank account and could save you as much as £200! Millions of households could be saving on their energy bills but don’t bother switching. Uswitch.com is a great site to check what you could be saving each month!

A heads up, if you’ve switched in the past 6 years it’s worth finding out if your old account is in credit. Many providers will not contact you to let you know they owe you money, so give them a call and find out for yourself!

Check your direct debits

You might be letting money drip from your account every month through an old gym membership or insurance for an old phone. Take 10 minutes to check through your statement and highlight anything you’re unsure of, it could pay off!

Set your budgets

Another way to save money in the New Year is to set a budget. Look into how you spend your money each month and pin point areas you can cut back on. Things like taking a packed lunch to work instead of buying it could save you hundreds of pounds over the year! 

Set yourself realistic and achievable targets and watch the savings pile up!

Clear out the clutter

Dig to the back of your wardrobe and you’re guaranteed to find old clothes you forgot you even had. It is estimated that on average we have 11 items of clothing in our wardrobes still with the tags on! Pick them all out and you may not need to buy that new outfit for an upcoming party, saving you forking out on more clothes.

Don’t want it anymore? You’ll be surprised at how many people will be interested in buying them. Sites like eBay and Gumtree allow you to place items online which people can bid for. Give it a try and see how much you could make! 


Old mobile phones you’ve been hoarding in the kitchen cupboard, or old DVD’s and CD’s you no longer want could fetch you a nice little sum. Sites such as mazumamobile.com and Music Magpie will buy your old unwanted items for a reasonable price.

Compare prices

Get into the habit of comparing prices before you shop and you could save a small fortune over a year! Anything from your weekly food shop to your car insurance to buying a new pair of trainers, shop around and don’t buy from the first place you look.

Use social media

Following your favourite retailers on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram could help you save money in the New Year, as many of the big names such as Debenhams, Amazon and Asos regularly post about their latest sales and promotions. So make the most of them and bag yourself a bargain!

Use discount codes

Keep your eyes peeled for discount codes to bag a healthy saving on a range of items from holidays to take-aways to free deliveries. Sites such as Groupon often have hundreds of offers waiting for you to snap up, so don’t hang about, get online and make the most of them!

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