This Year’s Must Have Toys for Christmas

The top 10 toys for Christmas have just been announced this year.

To save you time, we have got them altogether for you with the cheapest prices we could find.

1. Playmobil police robot

Ages 4+

Best Price – £19.97 George at Asda

For particularly dangerous special operations the police use their practical police robot. The playset contains two Playmobil figures, a police robot with movable legs and arms, explosive device, warning sign, helmet, gloves and many other extras.

2. Magic Mixies Cauldren

Ages 5+

Best Price – £69.99 Smyths Toys

Experience real magic with the blue Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron. So adorable and so interactive, your Magic Mixie reacts to your touch and responds to your wand. They love to perform spells with you and may even grant you a wish as their gem lights up! 


3. L.O.L Surprise! movie magic doll

Ages 6+

Best Price – £10.99 Very

The all new LOL Surprise Movie Magic dolls are ready to perform and show off their acting and filmmaking skills at the ultimate LOL Surprise movie set! Each doll comes with a cue card and its own unique surprise Movie Scene!  series.

4. Barbie Day to Night Dreamhouse

Ages 3+

Best Price – £249.99 Smyths Toys

This dreamy dollhouse has three floors and 10 indoor and outdoor living areas. Move right in and customize the space — the grass area and pool can be placed in multiple configurations on the first and third floors, and the slide fits in four second-floor locations!

5. Lego Super Mario Adventures Luigi starter course

Ages 6+

Best Price – £44.99 Smyths Toys

This LEGO Super Mario set features a LEGO Luigi interactive figure that gives instant expressive responses via an LCD screen and speaker. The LEGO Super Mario Luigi toy offers fans limitless ways to expand, rebuild, customize and create their own unique levels. 

6. Hasbro Nerf elite flip 2.0

Ages 8+

Best Price – £40 Argos

Pull the trigger halfway to fire one dart, or pull it all the way back to fire two darts. The blaster has bolt-action priming and a stock that you can use to steady your aim or fold up to create a targeting sight. Each barrel holds one dart, giving the blaster an 16-dart capacity!

7. Playshifu orboot educational AR globe

Ages 4+

Best Price – £45 Argos

Great for homeschoolers, classrooms, and parents to teach kids about planets through interactive experiences. With the globes and companion app, kids can travel and explore through visual storytelling, music and voice interactions as well as in-app quizzes and challenges.

8. Pictionary Air Harry Potter

Ages 8+

Best Price – £19.99 Very

Aspiring witches and wizards will love the magical fun that comes with playing Pictionary Air Harry Potter!
There are 112 double-sided clue cards inspired by the Wizarding World, which players draw in the air and see on-screen using a Pictionary Air pen shaped like Harry Potter’s wand.

9. Spidey and his Amazing Friends - Marvel Web-Quarters playset

Ages 3+

Best Price – £67.99 The Entertainer

It’s Spidey Time! This spider-hub seems to come alive with Spidey-speak, light-up eyes, and many cool corners to play in for loads of Webtacular fun!

10. Linkimals Dance n Groove Penguin

Ages 9 months+

Best Price – £35 Argos

Learning is more fun than ever with the Fisher-Price Linkimals Cool Beats Penguin musical activity toy. Press the buttons and watch as it flaps its flippers and bobs to lights and music. This interactive toy uses songs, sounds and phrases to teach your little one the alphabet, opposites, and more. 

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