Tips for a Cheaper Christmas

With Christmas round the corner, many of us will be thinking of starting the dreaded Christmas shopping. Despite it being the season to indulge, there are always ways you can save. Here are some of our top tips for a cheaper Christmas.

Start early for a cheaper Christmas

Buying a few presents every week will help you keep on top of your finances and what you’re buying, avoiding the panic of last minute shopping and a huge amount leaving your bank account all in one go.
Equally, putting money aside now will help you spread the cost when it comes to buying food, drink and all the other little expenses. Try putting what you can afford away each week so when it comes to it you have a nice little pot to dip into.

Make a list

We all remember making our Christmas lists when we were younger, but making a list and sticking to it could make it a cheaper Christmas. It will stop you impulse buying which can be very dangerous this time of year.

Have a theme

Having lots of people to shop for can often get confusing and time consuming. A theme will save you time and could save you a bit of extra cash. Things like books, clothes, vouchers or board games, for example, are ideal.

Christmas presents

Spend what you can afford, not what you want.
Although it is okay to indulge over the festive period, it is not worth risking your finances over. Work out your budget before you work out what you want this Christmas, you can still have a merry Christmas with a smaller than usual turkey, a smaller tree or fewer presents under the tree.

Don’t be a retail snob

Many of us feel the need to buy the ‘best’ at Christmas, whether this is a more expensive turkey or a bigger tree. Don’t be sucked in by the ‘better’ brands, often the cheaper option is just as good quality.

Your kids won’t care

When you watch them open their presents on Christmas morning, have they ever asked how much you spent on a present? Kids don’t care what the price of a gift is, so don’t spend unnecessary amounts.

Do your homework

If you’re unsure what item to buy, or where to buy a specific item from, doing a bit of research can really make a massive difference to your budget. Using comparison shopping sites to find the best price out there could make it a cheaper Christmas.

Brave Black Friday or consider Cyber Monday

If you’re feeling daring and don’t mind battling large crowds you could get your hands on some amazing bargains. However, despite it being Black Friday, still do some research before you hit the shops. Plan which products you want and which shops you need to hit.
If Black Friday is a little daunting, try Cyber Monday from the comfort of your living room. Online retailers offer hourly discounts saving you money and the effort of rushing around the shops. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for voucher codes in the run up to Christmas on social media.

Make the most of your loyalty cards

Many of us forget about our loyalty cards and probably have a surprising amount of points saved up. Christmas is the perfect time of year to claim these back. If you’ve used them all year you’ll have a decent amount saved up you could spend on your turkey or bits for the Boxing Day buffet.

Try switching bank accounts

Perhaps the easiest way to get some extra cash for Christmas is to switch bank accounts to one which is willing to pay you for your custom. Depending on the bank, you could receive as much as £150 just for switching. It can take up to 60 days to get the cash, so look into it now so you get it in time for Christmas!

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