Savings – What are the Benefits?

Savings with Moneyline

At Moneyline we offer our customers the opportunity to save alongside their loan through our ‘round it up’ Savings Scheme. We automatically open a Savings account for every customer and encourage them to round up their repayments. 

The extra amount goes straight into a savings pot and helps our customers manage their money long-term, not just while they have a loan.

But what are the benefits of saving? Does it actually make a difference? 

  • It can take away some of the stress of an unexpected bill
  • It will help you become financially independent quicker
  • You’ll be prepared if your circumstances change
  • You can treat yourself and your family

Here are some examples of how saving a little bit regularly can make a massive difference to you:

£5 per week

£5 doesn’t sound like a lot, for many it’s skipping a takeaway or having one less drink at the pub, but it can make a huge difference.

If you saved £5 a week from now you would have £100 by Christmas! This could pay for the kids presents or make Christmas dinner that bit more special.

If you managed to continue saving £5 a week for an entire year you could save £260! Bagging you a brand new oven or fridge, with cash to spare!

£2 per week

If £5 is a bit much for you, save what you can afford. Even a small amount will add up and come in when you need it.

By saving £2 a week you could have almost £50 by Christmas. This would pay for your ingredients for dinner for the family or that present your child has been begging for.

£10 per week

If you can afford it, it’s worth saving as much as you can. £10 a week from now will give you £200 by Christmas! That’s enough to really make it a memorable day and treat the entire family.

If you managed to keep this up for a full year you could have over £500 saved up! Enough to take the family on a little holiday and make some special memories.

What do our customers think?

“All the staff have been extremely helpful and very nice and understanding. I’ve also got a savings account with them to help put money away for Christmas.” –Vicki 

“They also open a savings account for you which comes in handy I would recommend them to everyone” – Christina

“You don’t need to worry about repayments as they work it out on how much you can afford plus a little bit for savings” – Anthony

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