Simple, Budget Friendly Halloween Ideas

Here are some simple, budget friendly Halloween ideas to help keep the costs down, but still make it fun for your little ones.

D.I.Y. costumes

Have some old clothes that you no longer wear? For instance create a simple zombie costume by cutting the edges and making some rips. Make it even scarier by adding splashes of fake blood. Complement the outfit with some grey and white face paint, and you have a scary zombie!

Shop around

Making a costume maybe isn’t for you, however there are still ways to get a good costume without the expensive price tag. Why not have a look on Facebook for people selling on Halloween costumes that they no longer need.  

Another way of saving money on a costume is not to buy one straight away. More often than not shops usually reduce the prices the week before Halloween itself.

Hit the budget shops

B&M, Poundland, Home Bargains and Poundstretcher have good quality Halloween items at low prices. Likewise sweets for trick-or-treating are usually cheaper in these shops too.

Try something instead of Trick-or-Treating

Not everyone likes trick-or-treating, but this doesn’t mean you have to skip the fun. Often there are many free local activities that are held at Halloween. You can find Trick-or-Treat Treasure Hunts, to Fancy Dress Competitions. Try keeping an eye out on social media for any activities in your area. 

Don’t forget the pumpkin!

Helping the kids to carve a funny face in the front of their pumpkin is a fun activity. The insides that have been scooped out would make a delicious pumpkin cake.

Pumpkins don’t have to be carved either, there are stick-on accessories that you can buy instead.

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