How to plan a child’s birthday on a budget

Planning a child’s birthday on a budget

Throwing a birthday party or any party for your child can soon become quite costly. Here are some tips and ideas on how to throw a party for your child without breaking the bank.

Think about the venue

Booking a play place may be the easiest option; however, these can work out quite costly if you plan on inviting a lot of guests. Instead, why not hold the party at home or a grandparent’s house? Move the furniture out of the way to create space for party games and dancing or if the weather is nice, use the garden for extra space.

Make all the party food at home

If the thought of holding the party at home isn’t for you, and you book a play place, why not see if you can provide your own food to save on money. Providing sandwiches and snack food can save on the overall cost and give the little ones enough energy to keep running around and having fun!

Shop around for goody bags

Party bags don’t have to be full of expensive objects, usually 1-2 different items, and a few different sweets will be enough to keep the children happy. Wilkos have party bag toys that are inexpensive, and the pound shops will have sweets that can be bought in bulk. Wilkos

Digital Invites

Paper invites are the traditional way of inviting your guests, but this can be expensive and time-consuming. Why not try sending the invites by email or text? This way one invite can be written but sent to multiple guests, saving on time and paper. R.S.V.P’s are likely to come back quicker this way too.

Double up if you can

If your child is lucky enough to have a birthday close to their friend’s, why not see about doubling up and having a joint party? This way the costs can be halved and so can the workload, but also can be double the fun!

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