Pancake Day – An easy, cheap recipe

Pancake Day is one of the highlights of the calendar year and an excuse to eat pancakes all day and not feel guilty! Making them from scratch is very easy to do and can be cheaper than buying a ready made mixture . It’s also a fun activity to do with friends or family.

Here’s a simple recipe with easy to follow instructions of how to make your own pancakes this Pancake Day:


100g plain flour

2 large eggs

300ml milk

1tbsp sunflower or vegetable oil (plus some for the cooking)

Lemon, caster sugar, fresh fruit to serve (optional)


This will make 5-7 pancakes and should cost around £2.50 (not including fillings)

1. Weigh flour

First thing to do is the measure out the flour. You might find you have some at the back of your cupboard, so double check before you go out and buy more. But it’s not expensive if you need some.

Once you’ve measured out 100g, sift it through a sieve into a mixing bowl.

2. Crack in your eggs

Next, break the eggs and add to the flour. Use a whisk or a fork to whip the mixture together until it’s nice and smooth with no lumps.

3. Mix in the milk

Once the eggs are in, it’s time for the milk. Slowly pour in the milk, mixing as you go until you have a smooth batter. You don’t want any lumps in there!

4. Add the oil (and maybe a pinch of salt if you like)

Almost ready for the pan! Add 1 tbsp of your sunflower or vegetable oil and mix into your batter. Once nice and mixed you’re ready to go!

5. Cook!

Lightly oil your frying pan so the batter doesn’t stick when cooking, and bring to a medium heat. Add your first pancake to the pan and cook for 1 minute on each side… if you’re brave enough you can toss it in between! This might take a few practice attempts before you master it!

6. Serve and keep cooking

Once ready, it’s time to serve. Add your fillings, being as daring as you like, and enjoy!

Then repeat until you’re out of batter!

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