National Databank - O2

Virgin Media O2 have set up a National Databank with Good Things Foundation.

As new research reveals 11.4 million people in the UK are just one payslip away from serious hardship, Virgin Media O2 and Good Things Foundation are stepping up their support by opening the thousandth National Databank Hub to provide free mobile data to help people in need stay connected.

The study, commissioned by Virgin Media O2, found that the cost of living crisis is stopping 10% of people with household incomes of up to £25,000 from calling or texting their loved ones, or limiting how they use their mobile data. And a further 70% of this group said they don’t know what they would do if they couldn’t access the internet.

To help people in need stay connected, Virgin Media O2 and the UK’s leading digital inclusion charity, Good Things Foundation, have opened the UK’s thousandth National Databank Hub.

The National Databank is like a foodbank but for free mobile data, texts and calls.

Click here to find your nearest Databank 

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