Moneyline Partner
with InBest

Moneyline are strengthening their partnerships by working with benefits digital solution provider, Inbest, to deliver live information to customers about benefits and social tariffs.

Over 8 million households in the UK are currently missing out on benefits worth £16bn. The reason for this is usually that people are not aware of benefits they’re entitled to.

Moneyline will include the calculator on their website, and also embed it into their digital customer journey for any customer that applies for a loan.

By answering a few simple questions, the calculator will give customers accurate information on benefits which they may be missing out on and then signposting them on how to access them.




Chief Operating Officer, Steve Brigham, says “I am delighted to partner with Inbest and extremely pleased to offer more support to our customers. The easy and simple tool, which we have integrated into our application process, will ensure our customers can see in a simple and easy way if they are eligible to claim more benefits.”



Manuel Peleteiro, co-founder from Inbest, says “Benefits have powerful features to help people increase their income, reduce their expenses, and save for their future. To effectively manage the cost-of-living crisis, it’s crucial to ensure that individuals are aware of all the benefits available to them. We love working with Moneyline and helping people find the benefits they are eligible for, especially when they require emergency assistance but do not meet the affordability requirements for an affordable loan.”


To find out more how Moneyline will be utilising the Inbest solution, visit their website

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