Energy saving tips

We have put together some energy saving tips to help cut the rising costs of your energy bills this winter.

Energy Saving Tip 1 - Draught proofing

Having cold draughts coming through your windows or doors can make you want to turn the heating up. Here are cheap fixes you can buy to stop this happening.

This foam draught excluder is only £2.69 from Amazon and will help prevent cold draughts coming through.

Tip 2 - Turn the washing machine down.

Yes you read that right! Turning down the temperature of your wash cycle from a 40 degree wash to a 30 degree one can help save the pennies. 

Lots of washing powders and liquids now do a great job of cleaning clothes on a lower temperature.

Tip 3 - Foil up your radiators

Now we don’t mean wrap all your radiators in tin foil, however you can buy something called reflector foil. It goes behind your radiators and reflects the heat back out in the room.

This means you won’t need to have the heating on for as long, which will save you money in the long term.

Tip 4 - Save with your shower

Did you know that by swapping to a water saving shower head, you could save the pennies every time you have a shower.

You could get these water saving shower heads for free if you visit the save money save water website.

Tip 5 - Resist turning the heating on

It can be easy just to turn the heating on when you are feeling a little bit chilly, but there are other things you can do to help warm yourself up.

Try getting the kettle on and using a hot water bottle. These extra long hot water bottles are only £7.99 but can be filled and then wrapped around yourself to keep you toasty. 

Tip 6 - Invest in a clothes airer

We all know that using a tumble dryer can be quicker to dry your clothes but it can also be expensive too.

You maybe thinking of drying your clothes directly on the radiators instead, however this can cause the room temperature to drop. Your boiler then has to work harder to warm up the room.

Instead why not buy a clothes airer or these radiator airers which are only £3 each.

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