How to make some extra cash using your unwanted things

Make some extra cash selling your unwanted things

There is an old saying “that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” which means that, you may have lots of items you may no longer want, but someone else may use them instead.

We will show you some of the best websites and apps for selling your pre-loved items so you can start selling your things and make some extra cash.


You may already know of your local buy and sell sites, but what you may not know is that those sites are set up by a member of the public, local to that area. Facebook, however, runs a dedicated buy and sell area of its own called Facebook Marketplace. Its accessed through your Facebook account and is free to use.


No fees.
Local buyers.
Lots of active users (to see your items for sale).
You can ask your family and friends to share your posts.


More timewasters than on other selling sites.
The commitment to buy is only verbal.
It’s cash on collection- which may have its own risks.


Ebay is probably the most commonly known for buying and selling pre-loved items, and is available to use on a computer, phone or tablet.


Very well known, with lots of users.
Easy to use.
Buyers commits to buying your item by winning the auction.

Buyer pays for the postage.


Not free to use, every item has a fee for selling it.
You will need to use a Paypal account for receiving payments.
Need to make sure you post the items in good time.


Shpock is an app that is free to download and use, meaning there are no fees for selling your items. Once you are ready to list your item, you set the price you want for your item, but buyers can also make you an offer too.


No fees.
Local Buyers.
Buys commit to buying your items on acceptance of their offer.


Maybe not as well know as Facebook or Ebay.
You will need to use a Paypal account for receiving payments.


Vinted is a free app that lets you take photos and sell your pre-loved items. Once your item has sold, you have 5 days to ship the item. Once your buyer confirms they have received everything, and its ok, you then get paid.


Free to use, with no fees for selling your items.
Has lots of members.
The buyer pays the cost of shipping.


The buyer may not confirm the sale (meaning you don’t get paid)
Have a time limit for sending your items.
Limited to the types of items you can sell.


There are lots of many other apps that you can sell your pre-loved items on, you just have to find the one that works well for you, and there is nothing stopping you from listing your items in more than one place, you just have to keep track of what you have listed and where!

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