Magical Christmas ideas

Christmas seems to start earlier every year, but we have a few Christmas ideas to help make it simply magical.

Christmas lights

Why not go for a walk around to try and find the houses that have lots of Christmas lights outside? Or how about a Christmas edition of eye spy?

Christmas films

This is a fab way of making memories with the  little ones. Turn on the Christmas tree lights and choose from a selection of Christmas films to get into the festive spirit. Make it snuggly by grabbing the duvet off the bed.

Advent Story books

When it comes to bedtime, why not choose a different Christmas story for you and your little one to read together? There are plenty of Christmas books to choose from, and children will love to pick which story to read that night.

Christmas Food

Create a bit of magic at food times. Try making your own ‘North Pole’ breakfast. Asda have Reindeer shaped crumpets or you could use fruit and pancakes to make festive faces. More ideas can be found here.

Elf on the Shelf

Yes, it can be slightly annoying when you’re just going to bed, and you realised you haven’t moved the elf ready for the morning, but younger kids love this idea. If you are running out of fresh ideas for your elf, have over 101 different ideas!

Christmas Entertainment

There are lots of places you can take your little ones for some Christmas entertainment. Keep your eyes peeled for your towns Christmas light switch on or visit Santa at a garden centre. If you’re not sure what events are happening near you, search through Facebook or Eventbrite for ideas.

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