Easter at home

Here are a few ideas to entertain the family and make the most of Easter at home.

Planning a bit of a celebration this Easter weekend? You might be stuck at home, but there is still lots you can do! Here are some ideas to have some fun without leaving the house.

Egg decorating

Get the creative juices flowing for you and the kids and create your own decorative eggs. Simply hard boil an egg and dress it up with bits you have lying around the house. Give a prize to the most creative.

Make your own Chocolate eggs

Buying Easter eggs can be very expensive. Prices are being slashed as we get closer to the weekend, with most Supermarkets offering deals on the last of their stocks. 

But why not have a go at making your own? All you need is some melted chocolate and an Easter egg mould. You can have a go at decorating personal ones with the kids and enjoy eating your creations together.

Egg hunt

If you have young kids an Easter egg hunt is a great way to spend an afternoon. All you need to do is buy (or make) some mini chocolate eggs and hide them around your house or garden. 


Have a go at making your own Easter style piñata in the shape of a bunny rabbit. Fill it with mini eggs, sweets, and some homemade confetti and let the kids go wild!

Pin the tail on the bunny

We’ve all stuck a tail on a donkey before; adapt the classic party game to Easter with a homemade bunny and a cotton wool ball as the tail. Simple!

Homemade decorations

If you like to decorate your house at this time of year, why not have a go at creating your own decorations? It’ll save you a nice little amount you can spend on more important things. Easter bunny bunting is a good place to start. Print out or draw some Easter bunnies, cut them out and attach them to some ribbon to hang up.

Alternatively try some DIY Easter wreaths or baskets.

Easter Sunday Dinner

As everyone is at staying at home this year, why not cook a special meal for the family? Try a cheaper cut of meat and let it slow cook in the oven all afternoon.

If you like to bake have a go at the classic hot cross bun or a Simnel cake. You can find plenty of recipes online and you will probably have most of the ingredients already lying around in your cupboards.

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