£1000 – £2500


12 – 24 months


99% APR

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You need an income of £1200 per month


Pay by direct debit


Loan decision within 3 working days


Manage your account online or on the app

Apply now

Loan amount of
I would like to repay
You will have payments of at 99% APR
The total to repay is
*This is an example of the repayments and total cost of loan. Payments may be different depending on start date, payment date and interest rate offered.*

Is an E-Loan right for me?

The E-loan makes your life easier. You can apply for a loan and manage your money quickly and easily. Just log into the Moneyline app or the customer area of our website.

This loan could be right for you if you want a bigger loan over a longer time. It’s good if you find it easy to manage monthly direct debits.

Can I apply?

You can apply for this loan if:

• You are over 18 years old.
• You live in the UK.
• You can share your bank statements using online banking. We use this to see your income and outgoings to understand if a loan is affordable for you.
• You have a bank account that accepts direct debits.
• You have a regular income of at least £1200 paid into your bank account per month (from benefits or a job).
• You agree to a credit check.

We can’t give you a loan now if:

• We can’t see regular, recent bill payments on your bank statements.
• You are under debt management (paying off debts) or you are bankrupt.
• You have or are applying for an
IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement).

• You have or are applying for a
DRO (Debt Relief Order).

• You have taken out new credit in the last month.

Apply in 5 simple steps

  1. Use the slider at the top and click ‘Start Application

2. Fill in our application form. You will need online banking to apply

3. We may not need to contact you to check a few things

4. If approved, we’ll text you a link to read and sign your loan documents

5. Get the money into your bank account

Flexi Loan

Borrow £200 – £1000

For 17 – 32 weeks

59% Annual Interest Rate, 169% APR

Apply online or in a Moneyline branch

If your application is agreed in principle, we may contact you to check a few things

Get a smaller loan over a shorter time, and pay weekly in a way that works for you

Take a break from paying when something unexpected comes up

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