Cheap ways to eat healthily

We all probably eat more than we should at Christmas time. You may have noticed that your clothes are getting a little tighter.

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, but are worried that it may cost a fortune, don’t worry we have some cheap ways to eat healthy.

Plan your meals

Planning your meals helps if you’re are trying to eat healthily, but also if you’re on a budget. Make a list of what meals you want to have for the week. Then check that against what ingredients you already have in your cupboard before you make a shopping list. 

Cook at home

Cooking at home means you can create delicious ‘fakeaways’ as a treat. These are often cheaper and healthier than your usual takeaways. The Hairy Bikers have some delicious ‘fakeaway’ recipes that are really easy to follow and take no time to cook.

Cook in bulk

Cooking in bulk can save you time and money. Spend an afternoon cooking in batches and then freezing the extra’s, you can make weeks of meals in one go. There is always the option to use any leftovers as lunches the next day.

Don’t food shop when you're hungry

Everyone knows that food shopping when you’re hungry means you’ll buy things that you don’t actually need. Make sure to have a piece of fruit or a small snack before you go shopping to make sure you keep the hunger at bay.

Buy frozen fruit and veg

Buying frozen fruit and veg is not only cheaper than buying fresh but will also last longer as it won’t go off in your freezer. There is also less waste with buying frozen fruit and veg, as you can just get out what you need at the time. 

Don’t forget about the Healthy Start Vouchers

If you’re on certain benefits, or are pregnant, you can claim Healthy start vouchers from the government. This will give you free fruit and veg from most shops and supermarkets. There’s more information about the Healthy Start Vouchers in our blog

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