7 cheap or free activities for the school holidays

The summer holiday’s are almost upon us which for many of us can be a testing time on our finances. 

We’ve pulled together some free or cheap activities to keep the little ones busy this summer holiday

1. Local Libraries

Going to the library is a great activity to keep the kids busy. Not only is it free to join, there are usually lots of different free activities for the kids.

A great way to keep them busy when the weather is rubbish.

2. Local outdoor space

The 2nd of our cheap activities to keep the little ones busy, is to go and explore the great outdoors. There are many parks or walking trails to go an explore as long as the weather is dry. You could also pack up a picnic for some lunch outside.

3. Go to the beach

Yes the weather needs to be good for this one, but it makes a fun day out for everyone. Pack up some towels and dig some old toys out from the toybox to take with you.
Make a full day of it by making up a packed lunch that you can take with you.

4. Go crabbing

If you can find a spot of water that’s not too deep, then why not try crabbing? It’s a great activity that will keep the kids busy all day. 
Crabbing nets can be bought cheaply from Amazon and it’s a fun way to learn about all the different types.

5. Cheap cinema tickets

Many cinema’s through the school holidays will have cheap tickets for kids films. Keep an eye out for special showings and discounts that will help save you money.

Many cinema’s will now let you to take in your own snacks too.

6. Visit a museum

A good day out for you as well as the kids is to visit a local museum. They are often free or ask for a small donation and are a great way to learn something new.

7. Get crafty

Another way to pass a rainy summers day, is to go through your cupboards and pull out anything that you haven’t used in a while, which could be turned into something else. It gives the kids an opportunity to get creative and make something for their bedroom wall or a grandparent.

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