Budget Loan

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budget loan cash

£350 – £1000


13 – 52 weeks


149% APR

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You need an income of £800 per month


Pay by debit card


Cashback reward

2% cashback at the end of loan if no payments are missed

Loan decision within 3 working days


Joint loans available

Can I apply?

You will need to use online banking to apply for this loan.

If you don’t use online banking, a Flexi Loan could be an option for you.

You can apply for this loan if:

• You are over 18 years old.
• You live in the UK.
• You can share your bank statements using online banking. This is to check that you can afford the loan as well all your other payments.
• You have a regular income of at least £800 paid into your bank account per month (from benefits or a job).
• You agree to a credit check.

We can’t give you a loan if:

• We can’t see regular, recent bill payments on your bank statements.
• You are under debt management (paying off debts) or you are bankrupt.
• You have or are applying for an
IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement).

• You have or are applying for a
DRO (Debt Relief Order).

• You have taken out new credit in the last month.

Is a Budget Loan right for me?

This loan lets you make some changes to when you pay. This makes it a good choice if you get money in different amounts or at different times each month.

This loan is probably not right for you if you have recently had money problems and missed payments for things.

How do I apply?

Click Apply Now

Fill in the form as best you can. It is important that you give the right information.

Using online banking you can quickly and safely share your bank statements with us.

We will contact you by text or email. If we need more information, we will call you within 3 working days.

Borrow up to £1000 at 149%APR

If you borrow £450

For 18 Weeks
Weekly Payment £29.42
Total Interest £79.56
 Total Loan £529.56
For 32 Weeks
Weekly Payment £18.54
Total Interest £143.28
Total Loan £593.28

If you borrow £750

For 18 Weeks
Weekly Payment £49.02
Total Interest £132.36
Total Loan £882.36
For 32 Weeks
Weekly Payment £30.90
Total Interest £238.80
Total Loan £988.80

If you borrow £1000

For 18 Weeks
Weekly Payment £65.36
Total Interest £176.48
Total Loan £1176.48
For 32 Weeks
Weekly Payment £41.20
Total Interest £318.40
Total Loan £1,318.40
Figures for illustrative purposes only. Based on 149% APR Fixed.

How do we compare to other lenders?

Based on a £500 loan for 26 weeks

Total amount to repay £818.50 save £178.38


Total amount to repay £780.00 save £139.88

Total amount to repay £628.16


Total amount to repay £818.50 save £178.38


Total amount to repay £975.00 save £334.88


Sometimes we will need to talk to you to make our loan decision. This can be because what we see on your bank statements and credit information is different to the information you provided in your application or to chat about some missed payments you may have had in the past. If your loan application is successful we will call you to set up your loan repayments by card over the phone. Once you have the loan you can make all changes through the app or by web chat on the app.

A credit check will show us information from things like other loan providers, gas and electricity companies and catalogue companies. We carry out the credit check to see what your credit commitments are and how you have managed credit in the past.

We realised that things happen which means you may miss some credit payments. That's why we talk to you about missed payments during the loan application to understand why and if a loan now is affordable for you.

First of all, don’t worry, we understand that things change and we are here to help. The important thing is to talk to us as soon as possible as we will work with you to agree an affordable repayment plan that works for you. We also may be able to offer payments breaks and interest breaks on your loan. Call us on 0333 103 1553 or use the existing customer page on the website to get in touch.

If you need any support with debt or money worries these advice services could help. They offer free and impartial money advice that could help with your finances.

Step Change Debt Charity – 0800 138 1111  www.stepchange.org

Money Advice Service – 0300 500 5000  www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

If this is your first loan with Moneyline we need you to pay off your loan in full before applying for another loan.

If you make all your loan payments on time we will pay 2% of your loan amount into your bank account when you have fully paid off the loan. If you have a loan for £800 this would mean we would pay £16 into your bank account just for making your payments on time!

We don’t charge late payment fees but your total cost of credit may go up if you make your payments late as you wont be reducing your balance. If you don’t make payments and we take your loan to recoveries we will add the court fees to the balance you owe us – but don’t worry, you will have lots of chance to discuss your loan with us if you are struggling, before it reaches that stage.

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Before you start

To complete this application form you will need:

Your National Insurance (NI) number
This is used to confirm your identity

Your bank account number and sort code
So you can receive the money if your application is successful

Please make sure you have these ready before you start

Please note:

Our Budget Loan automated system checks that you have regular household bill payments on your bank statements as part of the approval process. If you pay your regular bills with cash you may want to apply for our Flexi Loan as this may work better for you.

Important Information

Moneyline will never ask you to make a payment before you have received your loan.

It has come to our attention that someone is sending out emails pretending to be Moneyline. These scam emails are asking people to make a payment upfront to get their loan.

If you have received any emails like this and you are not sure if they are real, please call us on 0345 643 1553 or email us at serviceteam@moneyline-uk.com and one of our advisors will be able to help.

If you have think you have sent money to the scammers, please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit www.actionfraud.police.uk

The Moneyline Team