Bonfire Night on a budget

Bonfire Night on a budget.

Bonfire Night is always a firm favourite on the calendar. It’s a great time to get wrapped up and enjoy a fireworks display or a bonfire with family and friends. We’ve come up with some ideas to enjoy the night while keeping the cost down!

Local Firework displays

Most towns will have their own free bonfire and firework display event. Ask around or check the internet to find out when and where your local one will be held. It’s a great way to spend the night with friends and family with a fantastic atmosphere you and the kids will enjoy. Not to mention saving you the hassle and expense of hosting your own bonfire night party.

Check out the Pound Shop

If you do decide to throw your own party definitely make a trip to the Pound Shop for your decorations. You’ll be able to get your hands on all the supplies and snacks you need at a bargain price, as well as themed items if you decide to give your party a theme.

Get friends to chip in

Asking your guests to chip in and bring something to the party is absolutely fine. It’ll make your life much less stressful while saving you a few quid in the process. Get them to bring a dish each for the buffet or a small selection of fireworks, giving you time to prepare your house without the worry of cooking for everyone! Don’t forget to ask them to bring blankets or warm clothing if you’re having a bonfire or firework display.

Make your own treats

There are many traditional bonfire night treats which are low cost and very easy to make and a fun activity to do with the kids. Toffee apples are probably most famous of all and require only a few ingredients, they are also very simple to make!

Get the kids involved

The kids love bonfire night but probably won’t know the history behind it. Make a ‘Guy’ and collect sticks for a mini bonfire, you can explain the history of the day while keeping them entertained. Sparklers are always fun too, you can get the kids to spell their names in the air. Make sure they’re well supervised and have gloves on when handling them. Also make sure to have a bucket of water ready to put them out!

Whatever you do this Bonfire night remember to keep safe while you enjoy yourselves!

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