About our process

The aim of our application process is to make sure the loan repayments are affordable for you. We check if the loan is affordable by looking at your income and spending. 

Our decisions are not instant and can take up to 2 workings for us to make a decision. We may need to call you or email you to get some more information.

About your income

We understand that people can have different types of income. Our aim is to make sure that the loan is affordable for you, whether your income is from benefits or from work. We will include most benefits as forms of income.

It can be hard to find a small cash loan when you have low or irregular income. Some lenders may turn you away if you are on benefits.

We try and make it easy for people to apply for a loan whether their income is from benefits, work, or both. As long as you have a regular form of income, we can look at your application.

To understand your income during our application process we will ask you what type of benefits you’re on and if you have any deductions. If you are working, we will ask for some information about your type of work.


About Open Banking

We use open banking to look at your bank statements to help us decide whether a loan is affordable for you right now. This is a safe and secure way to share your bank statements with us online.

All you have to do is click on the link we provide to you at the end of your online application, choose the account that your income goes into, and log in securely. This will give Moneyline permission to look at the last 3 months of your bank statements. 

It is easy to use and won’t affect your credit score. Don’t worry, it won’t allow anyone to make payments from your account, we just want to check the loan is affordable for you. 


About our Customer Care Team

We have a dedicated Customer Care team that is here to help you with anything online.

If you need help with your application or you’re struggling to get your bank statements to us, our team is here to offer support and guidance with all of this. 


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