5 tips for revamping your wardrobe on a budget

Nothing beats that feeling of going out and treating yourself to a new outfit, but when you’re watching what you spend, these types of treats may have to wait.

Never fear though – here we have 5 tips to revamp your wardrobe on a budget.

1. Time to declutter

Before you start thinking about revamping your wardrobe, you need to have a look through the clothes you already have. There will be some outfits in there that are your favourites, there will be some that you have never worn and have forgotten about.

It’s a good idea to make a pile of clothes that you want to keep, items you want to bin and others that you can donate to charity or sell.

2. Build a staple wardrobe

Have a look through what clothes you have and get together a few minimum items that all look good if you were to wear them in any combo. That way you will always have a wardrobe that looks good.

3. Get crafty

Before you throw out any clothing that has a hole in it, can it be turned into something else? If you have a hole in a pair of leggings, can they be made into shorts? Customising clothes can also give them a new lease of life. Why not try adding patches to a pair of jeans?

4. Don’t forget the accessories

The look of an outfit can change loads depending on which accessories you wear. The oversized shirt can look like a hot dress with a good chunky belt. Accessories are often cheaper to buy than a new outfit.

5. Have a swap shop party

Why not invite some friends round with some of their old clothes – this way you can all have a rummage through what everyone is getting rid of, and you could bag yourself a new outfit that has cost nothing.

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