10 Valentine's day ideas that won't break the bank

Many of us feel like Valentines Day is just another day to spend money on unwanted gifts.

If you’re wanting to do something different this year and not spend a fortune, here are some thoughtful ways to treat your partner this Valentines Day. 

Cook a romantic meal

Going out to a restaurant for a nice meal can be expensive. When it comes to Valentine’s Day prices are often higher.  Why not cook a romantic meal at home instead?

Many supermarkets offer a Valentine’s day meal deal that is usually good value. This one from Asda is only £15 and you get a starter, main, 2 sides and either chocolates or a bottle of wine.


Have a picnic

It’s winter and still too cold to be going out for a picnic, so why not have it home? You can lay your blankets on the living room floor and tuck in from the warmth of your home. Have a selection of your favourite snacks and treats, or buy a takeaway and lay it out on the floor!

If you can’t get rid of the kids for the night, this can be fun for them too!


Nothing says Valentines Day like a bunch of roses. However the cost of these, especially this time of year, can be off putting. It is possible though to get a nice bunch at a reasonable price. Supermarkets often have lovely flowers for a great pocket-friendly price.

Lidl and Aldi in particular are usually the best value.

Homemade card

It seems as though card’s are getting more expensive every year. It is much cheaper, and a lot more thoughtful to make your own card. You could maybe use a favourite photo of you both, or design it yourself if you’re feeling crafty. 

Spa day

We don’t mean booking a spa day at your local hotel, although you may be able to find a cheap deal on Groupon for you and your partner. Instead, try bringing the spa to your home! Face masks and massage oils are available from most shops, light a few candles and maybe run a relaxing bath to treat your partner.

Go for a walk

Weather permitting, a nice walk or hike with your loved one is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Wrap up warm and set off walking, it can be a great opportunity for some alone time, with or without the kids, not to mention it’s free!

Agree a budget

It’s not very romantic, but agreeing a budget with your partner will stop you both from spending too much. It may also help you think outside of the box, when it comes to buying their gift.

Celebrate later

If you and your partner aren’t too bothered, why not celebrate Valentine’s day after it has passed? If you then fancy going out, it will probably be quieter and you won’t be paying more for it.

Valentines breakfast or lunch

Rather than the standard Valentines dinner, why not do something a bit different. How about a romantic breakfast or lunch out somewhere? It is likely to be cheaper and quieter than going for the typical evening meal.

Games night

Another cost free idea, maybe after you’ve cooked a nice meal or had your little indoor picnic, is to get out your favourite console or board game. An hour (unless you’re playing Monopoly) will fly by and is a fun way to spend some quality time with your partner. 

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