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More than a loan

We offer a loan that is fair to customers, with personal service, flexibility, no hidden costs and manageable payments.

Our low value short term loans can make a big difference to a customer with limited alternatives to access credit. We encourage customers to save alongside their loan with our "round it up" savings plan and through our local networks can signpost our customers to a whole range of free services and advice with anything from information about benefits, household bills or local suppliers for things they might need.

So sometimes a loan, always assistance.

Where are we

Who we are

We offer a fast, affordable and responsible way to borrow money for people who cannot get a loan through a bank or building society providing a genuine alternative to high interest lenders and illegal money lenders.

  • We have a track record: we are in our 14th year of trading.
  • We have grown from 1 to 16 branches mainly in the North West and South Wales.
  • We work in collaboration with many different organisations to bridge the gap for those who need affordable small loans.
  • We employ 70 people within Moneyline
  • We have been recognised nationally as a responsible lender in 2011 and 2012.
  • We are licenced to lend and regulated by the FCA.